"Well, kiddies, let me tell you - not only are they brighter and stronger now than ever before, but they have managed to record an album that holds all the sparkle and magic that the first one had, and add some, if that were possible. Managing to marry some classic rock with some gritty punk attitude and a whole heap of sleazy rock ‘n’ roll to make an album that has some instant appeal, but, more importantly, longevity and an album that has magic hidden in the grooves that gets released play after play after play…" (Read full review)



"This is a simply great album that I have been playing repeatedly since I got it. If you can't have fun with Razorbats' II album, do everyone a favor and don't go to parties...you're lame, boring, and would just bring people down." (Read full review)



"Meine Erwartungen waren nach den beiden wie erwähnt sehr gelungenen Appetizern bereits sehr hoch gesteckt, dennoch wurden sie noch deutlich übertroffen. „Razorbats II“ ist für mich schon jetzt im Februar ein heißer Anwärter auf den Titel „Album des Jahres“." (Read full review)


9.5/10 - NECKBREAKER (Germany)

"Un disco perfetto per perdersi nei ricordi a notte tarda, tra whisky e sigarette, guardando il cielo." (Read full review)


"Razorbats heeft op II een uitstekende mix gevonden tussen rock en punk waarbij de muziek vooral een ouder publiek zal aanspreken en de teksten juist meer tot de verbeelding van de jeugd zullen spreken." (Read full review)


ZWARE METALEN (The Netherlands)

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